Your Story

by | Dec 13, 2018

One thing that is becoming more and more fascinating to me is the concept of an individual’s story.

Yesterday I sat down with a friend after a photoshoot. I was still feeling a bit uneasy. You could say that I’m not exactly a photogenic person. It just makes me feel weird to be in the spotlight.

My friend has been a photographer for most of his adult life. And a fantastic one at that. As we sat down, eating a couple of gyros from across the street, we tossed around all sorts of ideas — self-awareness, confidence, friendships, life, exploring our brains, weed, mushrooms, podcasts, and much more.

My friend has a particular fascination with psilocybins and exploring one’s mind. He then exclaimed that he didn’t try weed until a few years ago and never anything harder than weed.

He then began reflecting on his childhood. He explained issues with his parents, abandonment, lies, and even walking into a bathroom to a couple of people doing a line of cocaine before even being a teenager.

I’m still working on expressing these emotions in-person though. But I felt my heart break for his experiences.

As he got older, he became detested with people who did drugs. Even something as small as weed. Although he didn’t say this, I perceived his childhood experiences as traumatic and controlling his emotions through his adult years.

Yet, despite it all, he is an exceptionally skilled photographer. I told him his achievements are astounding. I thought he had found the next chapter of his life and he had the perfect story for it.

He now believes that certain drugs can have incredible success in curing mental issues such as depression. He believes it so much his reaching out to head researchers in the field to follow his passion. He’s taking action.

His story is inspiring, but I’m not sure he realizes it yet.

Who could have predicted that the child, all those years ago, would be where he is now? “Defying statistics” as he put it.

That is his story.

But we all have a story.

Sometimes we’ve just been in it so long we can’t tell a new chapter has begun.

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Got an app idea?

Download this free guide and learn the top 4 money-wasting pitfalls that will kill your app.